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Workshop: Meditation Through Embroidery


Samadhi nai Ngan pak – Meditation Through Embroidery
Guidance by Mariana Kamimura
Saturday July 11
3.00 – 6.00 PM
Materials: included
Level: beginner
Capacity: max. 8 students

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Samadhi nai Ngan pak – Meditation Through Embroidery

Samadhi is the hindi word that describes an intense state of concentration and meditation. It is the ideal state mind that we seek to achieve when we meditate, and one way to walk this path is through embroidery.

In this workshop, Mariana Kamimura will mediate with you while using embroidery. It’s a journey in which we will find about the benefits of mindful embroidery while we practice this art together. Mariana is using breathing exercises at the same time when you embroider together. You will get all the materials to create your artwork and continue at home as well (embroidery hoop, needle, embroidery thread) Experience with embroidery is welcome, but not necessary.

About Mariana Kamimura
Mariana is a masters student and early years teacher from Brazil. She has been an embroidery artist for almost five years, both self-taught and also being taught by amazing artists back home. Embroidery has been a crucial tool through her journey of self-knowledge, and it changed her relationship with creativity and self-esteem. It is an important part of routine, and a media for celebrating and healing, and it has become part of who Mariana is.

*This workshop is in English and not in Dutch.


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