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  • MendingWorkshop

Visible Mending Workshop


Guidance by Alice
Sunday September 13 or October 18
3.00 – 6.00 PM / 10.00 AM – 1.00 PM
Level: beginner
Language: English


This workshop is inspired by the traditional Japanese repair technique of ‘Boro’, in which you use the embroidery technique ‘Sashiko’. This technique is experiencing a revival in contemporary fashion, coordinating with the current crafting trends of indigo dye, hand-stitching, and visible mending. Come learn about the history of Boro & Sashiko and how you can do it yourself!

Traditionally, sashiko was used to reinforce worn fabric to make it last longer. The stitching developed into intricate geometric patterns, usually in white thread on indigo blue fabric. In addition to mending clothing, sashiko can also be used to simply embellish your sewing projects with beautiful designs.

You will choose a design to transfer onto fabric and then practice the traditional stitching method, including how to start and stop new threads without tying a knot. No sewing or embroidery experience is necessary. All tools and materials are provided.*

About Alice
Alice Tsibulsky is a textile artist with a background in cultural and environmental anthropology. She completed a Fibre Arts certificate course in Canada and has worked at a sewing studio in Toronto for several years. She likes making all different things, but lately her focus has been on hand quilting and natural dyeing as means of slowing down and enjoying the process of her craft. Alice teaches different quilting, dyeing and mending workshops at De Steek!

*Embroidery thread and blue linen cloth will be provided, but you may also bring another color of embroidery thread, a different type of fabric, or an article of clothing to stitch on.


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