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Stem T-shirt Paper Pattern


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Brand: De Steek
Sizes: XS – XXL
Level: beginner
Type: Paper Pattern

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De Steek developed it’s own sewing patterns! The first ones are now online. De Steek patterns are characterized by it’s minimalism and the simplicity in construction. They offer designs with less seams, simpler closures and pockets, but not compromising in style and contemporary design.

One of the first patterns we are offering is this simple and easy to make mens T-shirt. With only a few seams (the sleeves and front/back panels are connected) it is an easy and fast garment to make, especially if you work with a serger. You can decide to make the collar from ribbing material or use the same material as you are using for the T-shirt itself. The T-shirt from the example is made from organic cotton jersey and ribbing, which we are also selling in our store. The model is wearing size M in the picture.

The T-shirt is available in the sizes XS-XXL. This is a paper pattern and you’ll also receive an instruction booklet with the size chart and description with it.

This pattern is send to you by post after purchase.

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Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 16.2 × 2.5 cm


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