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Steek Pattern: Coral Wrap Trousers (PDF)


Brand: De Steek
Sizes: 34 – 52
Type: PDF
Level: Beginner

Coral Wrap Trousers Kit

Materials: Organic cotton voile fabric with print, sewing thread & pink ribbon
Level: beginner

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De Steek developed its own PDF patterns! De Steek patterns are characterised by it’s minimalism and the simplicity in construction. They offer designs with less seams, simpler closures and pockets, but not compromising in style and contemporary design.

This is a really fun and easy to make garment! It’s really comfortable to wear in Summer, when it’s really hot, because when you move, the fabric is flowing along your legs and you can even open the legs on the sides for extra air! You can create this wrap trousers in a nice flowy satin fabric or choose a pretty cotton (not too thick, like a voile). If you purchase a ribbon with the fabric, it’s even easier to create, but you can also decide to make the straps from the same fabric.

Amount of fabric you need per size (if 140 cm wide):
34-36 = 220 cm
38-40 = 230 cm
40-42 = 230 cm
44-48 = 235 cm
50-52 = 250 cm
And you’ll need a ribbon of approximately 260 cm long (1 or 2 cm wide).
For example, we create this pattern in this lovely organic cotton voile bird print fabric.

The trousers is available in the sizes 34-52. This is a PDF pattern. It’s possible to download the pattern immediately after purchase. The pattern is printable as A4 (so you can glue the pieces together). A pdf with sizes and description is also included. If something is unclear, you can always contact us.


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