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Skirt kit + Sewing Lesson

From: 79,95

Brand: De Steek
Sizes: 34 – 52
Amount: 4h lesson
Materials included
Level: beginner


With this package it is possible to follow 4 hours of lessons in our Sewing Café and you can choose the materials in our store to develop your own skirt. You can choose between different organic materials in your class. With this lesson you can choose between two types of skirts, a circle skirt or wrap skirt, from De Steek collection. This workshop is a nice beginner workshop in which you will work on the sewing machine and serger. All levels can join this workshop. We are using these patterns from our pattern collection: Wheel Wrap Skirt or Basic Pattern: Circle Skirt.
You can use the pattern in class, but it’s not included to take it back home.
*if necessary you can stay a little bit longer to finish the piece, if it’s not passed closing time and if there is space. Otherwise we will schedule an extra moment to finish for you if necessary.


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