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Sewing Workshop: Face Masks

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Brand: De Steek
Length: 2-hour lesson
Materials included
Level: beginner


Finally there is some light at the tunnel! This means we can also open our studio again soon.
First workshop we are planning is a small face mask sewing workshop! Because: from June on, it will be mandatory to wear face masks in public transport. But were do you get these face masks and did you think about the type of materials you need to have for it? Because conventional fabrics are not always suitable to protect you from the virus and they’re also not always good for your skin. In this morning or afternoon workshop we are offering you the organic solution: we will teach you which materials are suitable for the face masks and we will also teach you the way you can assemble the masks.

It’s now possible to join this workshop in our Sewing Cafe (from June 2nd on) and sew your own face maks on an appropriate distance.

What’s included?
1) fabric advise and materials to create 3 face masks (choose between different fabrics and there will also be a possibility to purchase more materials during class)
2) choose between 2 types of face masks
3) basic sewing machine instructions (for beginners)
4) professional guidance by Natalie de Koning at 1,5m distance.
5) coffee/tea/cookies
You can take all materials and instructions home and continue there as well. Normally people finish approximately 2 face masks in the 2 hours (depending on the level of the sewer).

*We are taking extra measures during this workshop. We make sure all the tables, machines and tools are clean for the workshop and there will be the possibility for extra cleaning during the workshop. If you have them, please bring your own tools. The working tables will be spread at an appropriate distance and instructions will be given at a distance as well.
**The masks we’re are making are approved by the health care system, as much as possible with a fabric face mask. There is place for a filter in the mask.


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