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Sweater Sewing Kit


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Materials: Sweater fabric, ribbing (cuff fabric) & sewing thread
Color: different colours to chose from
Level: beginner/intermediate
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Steek Pattern: Border Sweater (paper)

Brand: De Steek
Sizes: XS – XXL
Type: Paper Pattern
Level: Beginner/intermediate

Steek Pattern: Laizy Daisy Sweater (paper)

Brand: De Steek
Sizes: XS – XXL
Type: Paper Pattern
Level: Beginner


Create your own sweater! With this kit you can create this sweater with raglan sleeve. With only a few seams it’s not too complicated to make, especially if you work with a serger. This kit is suitable for either the Lazy Daisy Sweater or the Border Sweater pattern.
This kit contains the fabric: sweater fabric (organic cotton and/or hemp), ribbing (cuff fabric) & sewing thread.
NOTE: the pattern is not included! Click on top of the page to add the pattern.
Do you want some help with the making of your leggings? You can also book this kit with a sewing lesson included, so we can guide you in your steps in the Sewing Cafe! Book this option here.

Choose your color of fabric for the sweater! From left to right:
1> Navy Corduroy Sweat, organic cotton
2> Bright Blue Sweater Fabric, organic cotton
3> Black Sweater Fabric, organic cotton
4> Grey Melange Sweater Fabric, Hemp & organic cotton




Choose your color ribbing for the sweater! (cuff details) All organic cotton. From left to right:
1> Grey Melange
2> Navy
3> Black
4> Nature (offwhite)
5> Old Pink
6> Bordeaux Purple
*Checkout our Instagram TV to see a movie on the construction of this sweater if you need help with it. Available from Saturday January 9.

Laizy Daisy Sweater

Border Sweater


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