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Pistil Trousers Paper Pattern


Brand: De Steek
Sizes: XS – XL
Level: intermediate
Type: paper pattern


NEW! De Steek developed it’s own sewing patterns! De Steek patterns are characterized by it’s minimalism and the simplicity in construction. They offer designs with less seams, simpler closures and pockets, but not compromising in style and contemporary design.

One of these patterns we are offering is this wide-legged trousers. Make your legs look longer, because of the high-waisted fit! The trousers have some special details. The pockets are sewn on top of the front panel, which gives it an extra special look (you can even choose to make them in a different color). Instead of a zipper there is a little flap with press buttons at centre front (which is easier to make than a fly).

The trousers are available in the sizes XS – XL. This is a paper pattern and you also receive an instruction booklet with the size chart and description with it.

The model in the picture is wearing a size 36. The examples we made are made from organic cotton corduroy and organic cotton satin (pocket). You need about 2,10 meter fabric for this piece.

The pattern will be send by post to you.

Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 16.2 × 2.5 cm


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