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One-day Workshop: Mini Quilt


Guidance by Lucinda
Saturday June 12
11.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Materials: included
Level: beginner
Vegan lunch included

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For those who want to learn the art of quilting, but lack the time and space, this is your chance to learn the entire quilt making process in miniature. You will learn how to make an entire quilt from start to finish, and quickly have a completed mini quilt to take home with you. The basic skills you learn in this workshop can be applied to make any size quilt in the future. You will complete a miniature multi-purpose quilt which can be a lovely gift of minimalist art, or functionally used to protect your tabletop from a teapot or a hot dish.
Experience using a sewing machine is helpful, but not obligatory. You can order this workshop with the materials in- or excluded. If you order this workshop with the materials included, you will have different organic fabrics to choose from. If you order this workshop with the materials excluded, you will receive a list with all the materials you need for the workshop.
You will learn:
> Precise fabric cutting
> Piecing strips together
> Pressing seams
> Basting the quilt layers
> Machine and hand-quilting
> Binding (finishing)

About Lucinda
Lucinda Walker is a designer and artist from California. She has been practicing various needlecrafts since childhood, and studied textiles at the California College of Arts and Crafts. She has been making modern quilts since 2015. Her quilts have been exhibited in international quilt shows and published in books and magazines about the modern quilting movement. Lucinda is hosting different quilting workshops and courses at De Steek.



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