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Kids Sewing Lessons


Teacher: Nathalie Goedegebuure
Wednesday afternoon 2.00 – 3.30 PM
Level: all levels
Language: English & Dutch

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Now it is also possible for the youngest ones to start learning the clothing making techniques! As riding a bike, if you start young you’ll never forget. In our kids sewing lessons they can learn to make their first pieces and be creative with combining fabrics, colors and different details. Both Dutch and English speaking children are welcome to join. (the teacher can speak both Dutch and English)

In this after-school course, children aged 7-12 will learn to sew with a sewing machine and gain an understanding of sewing basics. Students will leave this class with the skills and confidence to tackle more sewing as they develop valuable exposure to creativity, design, fine motor skills, construction/assembly, and more.

It is possible to buy a package of lessons for your kid here. You can choose a package of 4, 6 or 8 lessons or by a single lesson (as try-out). The kids will get a stamp card in their first lesson. In the end of each lesson they receive a stamp so we can track the amount of lessons they follow. When the card is full and they’d like to continue it is of course possible to buy a new stamp.

Is your kid new with sewing? In the beginning the program of the lessons is a bit more scheduled, so we can teach them the basics first. The children can complete the following projects in 8 weeks:
– Tote bag
– Pencil Case
– Skirt
– Stuffed Animal
After this program they can decide themselves what they’d like to make (together with the teacher).

*There are no lessons in the school holidays. Materials are not included, but after purchase you can download a little list of what’s needed for the lessons, so the children can chose the materials themselves before they come. It is also possible to purchase the materials in our store.
**After booking we will send you a confirmation of the booking and if it is possible to start on the date of your preference.
***Right now there is a summer stop, the first lessons after the summer is on August 19.


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