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How to Start Sewing, Assembil


Author: Assembil

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication date: December 2016

Format: 618 pages

Language: English

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Many of you want to start sewing but don’t know how.

This is why this book is perfect to guide you.

Published in December 2016, « How To Start Sewing » is a big , thick, and very comprehensive sewing book filled with practical sewing exercises for all types of sewers (total beginners/home sewers/fashion designed students/fashion professionals ).

It will help you understand the how and why of garment construction.

This book, composed by 7 parts, going from sewing technique to the use of the sewing machine: you’ll learn a lot of things thanks to this book.

Finally, to solve the problem of incomprehension about pattern creation in other sewing book, there is a library of small patterns in the back of the book.

So, trace off the patterns, and cut them out in fabric, and then you can easily follow along with the steps and diagrams in each exercise.

We also used this sewing « dictionary » during the « Sewing Workshop Series: Basic Techniques ».


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