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Flower Embroidery Workshop


Guidance by Mariana Kamimura
Wednesday November 11
7.00 – 9.00 PM
Materials: included
Level: beginner
Language: English

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It’s almost the end of summer when this workshop takes place, but it’s always a good season to learn something new:
learn basic embroidery techniques and how to apply them to make lovely flower embroideries! With this versatile skill you will be able to give a beautiful customised touch to your t-shirts, tote bags and anything else you like, just in time to enjoy the last bit of summer.

In this workshop you will learn:
•how to prepare your embroidery hoop
•how finalise your embroidery hoop, if you want to keep it as wall hanging decor
•how to start and finish your embroidery project
•basic embroidery stitches and how make them into beautiful flowers, such as the woven rose, stem stitches and French knots.

No previous embroidery skills required, but basic understanding of sewing and stitching are welcome.
All material is provided by the teacher, including embroidery hoop, thread, needle and craft scissors.


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