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Fashion Design Introduction Course – Winter Edition


Guidance by Nastia Rouge
Dates: December 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24
Time: 12.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Materials included
Language: English
Price per workshop: 69.95 euro
Price full course: 299,95 euro

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With this course, we are hosting a few workshops to get an introduction in fashion design. These workshops are a great way to built up a portfolio if you are interested in following a fashion design education in the future. But also if you don’t want to work in fashion, the topics are interesting to follow! Focus is on fashion design, experimenting with it and at De Steek the topics are always influenced by a sustainable background. This Summer it’s possible to follow all of the workshops in one week, to have an intensive and fun introduction in fashion design!
Concept development / inspiration – December 20
What inspires you? How can you turn your inspiration in design? Follow this class to get a grip of your design process.
Design Drawing – December 21
Designing often starts with a good sketch. Fashion designer Anastasia Ruzhevska shows you how you can work with brushes and pencils, get the proportions of the human body right and guides you in your own fashion sketches.
Mannequin Design 1 / Basics – December 22
Fashion designs can be created 2D by using pattern drafting, but a different way of designing is working on a mannequin. Your design is immediately visible in 3D. Get an introduction in this way of designing. (we will work on a 1/2 scale mannequin to reduce fabric waste and get quicker results)
Mannequin Design 2 / Draping – December 23
This workshop is made for beginners who already know the basics of mannequin design. During the 4 hours class we will learn fabric forming tips and tricks, drape a 1/3 garment, and experiment with different kinds of textiles.
Print Design – December 24
The last workshop is a fun print design workshop. Inspired by Dries van Noten, you will experiment with and create flower prints on fabric.
It is possible to follow the whole course or book the workshops of interest separately. Some of the workshop will require some preparation. Materials are included, but sometimes it is required to bring something extra to your workshop (like old cloth or inspiration) You will get an e-mail with all the specifics about the particular workshop(s) that you booked if you need to bring or prepare something.

About Nastia
Nastia Rouge – graduated as a Bachelor of Fashion Design in 2017, currently a freelance fashion designer and stylist. Started her professional career in early 2011 as a protege of Ukrainian painter/textile designer while learning academic art at the Artist Union of Kiev. In 2012 got a university grant to study textile design but quit after one year to move to the EU for a fashion design studies. Mostly interested in conceptual fashion and wearable avant-garde. Created a full collection inspired by Russian prison tattoos. She believes in a power of inspiration and a creative state of mind. Nastia teaches different fashion design workshops & courses at De Steek.
*Only sometimes you have to bring something, you will get information by e-mail about it. (like inspiration, old magazines or scraps of fabrics/old clothes)
**This course is in English


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