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Face Mask Kit


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Materials: Organic cotton fabric or Tencel
Color: different colours to chose from
Level: beginner


From June on, it will be mandatory to wear face masks in public transport. But were do you get these face masks and did you think about the type of materials you need to have for it? Because conventional fabrics are not always suitable to protect you from the virus and they’re also not always good for your skin. Research by one of our suppliers, True Colour Textiles, concluded that it is best for your skin to use natural and organic materials. And the two best options for face masks are organic cotton or Tencel.

Now we are offering you this sewing kit with all sustainable materials included. You can choose between 3 types of kits. One kit is with Tencel fabrics and the others are with organic cotton. As a beginner we would advise to use organic cotton. But if you have the experience, Tencel can even be more comfortable to wear.

What’s included in the kit:
– Patterns in size M & L*
– 3 different color fabrics. (Tencel or organic cotton)
– Organic cotton elastic
– Instruction booklet

Fabrics combinations to choose from. The first two are made from organic cotton and the last one is Tencel.

*Normally size M is more suitable for women and size L for men.


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