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Book a sewing lesson in the Sewing Café

From: 12,50

Book a sewing lesson in our Sewing Café with all the machines, tools and professional guidance included.


Join the Sewing Café and learn to make your own clothes! Similar to normal sewing lessons, you can book a time slot in our Sewing Café. We have 6 tables available with tools and machines. Also guidance of a fashion designer or seamstress is present to help you with your own projects.
Our schedule is variable. In the schedule you can see which time slots are still available and which are not. It’s possible to book a single time slot or you can also buy a credit bundle with multiple lessons (which is more convenient if you come more often and also cheaper per lesson) By logging in with your own account you can book these lessons here with your credits. (after you purchased your credits, you can book a time slot here and pay without with your credits instead of money)
You can chose to buy 8, 12 or 16 credits in one time. After payment you can book the lessons that suit you best. Credits are registered as ‘points’ in your account. One point is enough to book a timeslot of 1 hour. But you can also decide to come for a longer period (for example 3 credits = 3 hours). Did you make a reservation but suddenly you’re not able to come anymore? You can still cancel or change your lesson latest 24 hours before the lesson starts without losing your credit. (let us know by phone or e-mail) Your credits are valid for 3 months.
Costs sewing course
Single lesson of 1 hours: 12,50 euro
Credit bundles
8 hours of lessons: 94,95 euro
12 hours of lessons: 139,95 euro
16 hours of lessons: 179,95 euro
Materials, patterns & tools
Machines & tools are included in the lessons. Materials you have to provide yourself are fabrics, sewing thread, pins and, when needed, sewing supplies like a zipper or buttons.
We also have a little fabric store at our studio, so it is also possible to purchase the materials there. Or we can give you tips in the lessons where to go for extra materials, if needed.
You can bring your own ideas to the lessons (photos, drawings, garments or patterns of the pieces you want to create). Together we can see how we can realize your projects. A lot of times we use a similar or basic pattern to adjust or we create our own. Also our store offers a some nice clothing patterns & books.
At the moment we are not so lucky because of everything that is happening around corona. But, because of the new recent press conference of March 8, we are happy to announce that it is possible to come again at certain moments, but only 4 people at a time! This means you have to reserve your spot in time, because there is not much space. And also: don’t forget your face mask!
At the moment your lesson is guided by Natalie de Koning.
*At the moment we are taking extra corona measures! All work spaces will be 1,5 m apart and classes will also be teached at 1,5 m distance. After you used the machine and table you have to clean your working spot. If possible, bring as much of your own tools as possible.


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