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Beginner Weaving Workshop


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Guidance by Rosa Smits
Sunday January 12
1.30 – 5.30 PM

Level: beginner
Language: English & Dutch
Capacity: 8 students max.

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We are now offering a one-day beginner hand-weaving workshop! With this workshop you can learn the basics of (hand)weaving. You’ll work on a small hand loom and create your own wall tapestry artwork! Professional guidance is provided by weaver and textile designer Rosa Smits.

About Rosa
Rosa Smits is a textile artist/designer who graduated recently from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. She also has a background in fashion and she gets excited when different fields like textile, performance, philosophy and art overlap. She loves to travel and to learn about textile traditions and stories from different cultures. Weaving is her main medium to explore, and often she uses it during travels to connect to a place, the materials they have to offer and the people. Rosa is now a freelance artist/designer and she gives weaving and natural dyeing lessons on a regular basis at de Steek.

> making of one wall-tapestry piece
> learning basic material knowledge
> learning how to prepare design, patterns, color and material combinations 
> possibility to buy the hand loom you work on afterwards
> learning how to improvise on a hand loom for practicing at home

Materials are included in this course. The basic materials we use are natural and organic. Besides this we have a lot of different colorful surplus materials to add to your work.

*It is possible to purchase the weaving loom in the end of the course so you can continue weaving at home!
**We are organizing Textile Cafe ones every 2 weeks, these are drop-in sessions, so after the course you can come back on those moments to work on your artwork and get the guidance again with guidance of Rosa, if you’d like to continue with weaving.


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