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Beginner Embroidery Workshop 2.0: Tattoo your clothes


Guidance by Ermelinda Jaku
Saturday November 20th
10.00 – 1.00 PM
Level: beginner
Language: English
Materials: embroidery thread included

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This embroidery workshop aims to upcycle clothes, tote bags, caps or whatever fabric you have in your wardrobe, that you want to alter again with a personalised and vibrant addition.

You will be tattooing your own clothes in this one-day workshop! By using an embroidery needle, you will be able to transfer personalised designs that say something about you or that you simply find aesthetically pleasant. You will be able to choose among many different designs offered at the workshop or bring your own idea printed on paper, learn techniques for transferring designs on fabric, and create a customised hand-made piece of clothing that screams your name, your personality or something you believe in. 

Get the opportunity to train your embroidery skills recently gained at the first beginners’ embroidery workshop or use that hidden natural talent to move a needle through the fabric, even if it’s one simple basic stitch, to make one or more personalised clothing items. (so it’s not obligatory to follow the first course before you apply for this one)


About Ermelinda
Ermelinda has an academic background in science, but her creative and curious attitude has always pushed her towards diverse interests across numerous domains. She’s got a multi-cultural identity, growing up in four different countries, which shaped the way she approaches life and sees art. The love of transforming materials, combining imagination and manual work, is what brought her to dedicate herself to the art of embroidery. Based on her own drawings, she produces personalised clothing items, that aim to promote creativity and enhance self-expression.

*This class is only in English and not in Dutch.



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