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Autumn Plant Dyeing Workshop


Guidance by Samm Lewis
Saturday October 31
1.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Level: all levels
Language: English

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Autumn is the time in the year when the colours change, energy, nutrients along with the green chlorophyllic colours move back into the depths of the plant and they begin the transition into winter stasis and internal growth for the next year.
As your summer clothes begin to mix with winter layers, some of your clothes may be asking for a new colour to give them new life for the seasonal changes.
Maybe you are feeling like you would like to learn some new ideas to while away the colder days both inside and outside.
In collaboration with Samm Lewis, we will mark the beginning of an autumn of development in the form of a dyeing workshop with plants that are connected to brightening the colder mornings, cloudy afternoons and long dark evenings. Learn to dye fabrics & yarn with different natural pigments and gain more knowledge in this technique and the background of the dyes.
Along with looking at a number of different colours, processes and calculations, you can practice with a light coloured, 100% wool only garment under 500g in weight from your own wardrobe*.
The workshop will comprise theory and time to practice, along with conversations about the history of the plants and animals we will work with.
This 4-hour long workshop is adapted for beginners and included materials, snacks and teas.
All materials and dyes are included in the workshop. And you will go home with a little sample pack of the different colours you make at the workshop and a piece of your wardrobe with a new colour.
*Please make sure your wardrobe piece has been washed to remove dirt with a ph neutral oil and grease removing detergent. Warm water and washing up liquid, rinsed really well can do the trick. You don’t want grease to block the colour sticking.

About Samm
Samm has recently moved to Amsterdam from London. She used to work as a paralegal in fashion brands and charities, until she realised how unsustainable that lifestyle is. Through her intuitive, scientific, and experimental approach she has taught herself how to spin, knit, weave, dye, print, drawn then cut patterns and sew clothing. Samm’s focus is sustainability and sees a connection between food, medicine and fashion in the form of plants. She is developing colour pallets based on plants that meet at least fashion and one of the above two classifications. She is looking for communal garden spaces to share her colour palettes. Along side designing her genderless clothing brand, Maantha, she teaches spinning and knitting classes. She established the New Independent Spinners’ Society (NISS) to share the meditative art of spinning yarn with others to inspire a found form of independence within the NISS community.

*The teas are made by Samm who has created Her Belle Tease, a no-nonsense tea brand which explores the overlap between food, medicine and colour.
**This workshop will take place in our garden and workshop room and we are taking appropriate Corona measures and teach you the class at 1,5 m distance. We will make sure there is heating outside, but just in case, wear warm clothes.


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