Spinning & Knitting Introduction Workshop

Starts 13 July 2019
Ends 4 August 2019

14:00 - 18:00

Van Der Hoopstraat 70HS, Amsterdam

90 euro

De Steek is hosting a textile workshop in collaboration with the New Independent Spinners’ Society. Teacher and textile designer Samm Lewis (of NISS) is an expert in spinning and knitting. This 4-hour-workshop is an introduction to those two techniques.

In this workshop, Samm is first giving an introduction about sustainable textiles and the techniques. Next step is to start spinning! You will learn the basics of this meditating technique. Then the basics of knitting will be explained. Samm can give you instructions of putting the yarn on the needles, basic stitches you need and how to create the most simple jumper.

The first workshop is on Sunday March 10th from 2-6pm. It is an introduction, but you receive materials, tools and instructions so you can continue making when you get home. Price for the lesson is €90, with this you also receive membership to NISS and a discount on the drop-in sessions, to be organized in the future.*

About Samm
Samm has recently moved to Amsterdam from London. She used to work as a paralegal in fashion brands and charities, until she realised how unsustainable that lifestyle is. However working in the corporate world felt too stifling for the artist within. Through her intuitive, scientific, and experimental approach she has taught herself how to spin, knit, weave, dye, print, drawn then cut patterns and sew clothing. Samm’s focus is sustainability and sees a connection between food, medicine and fashion in the form of plants. She is developing colour pallets based on plants that meet at least fashion and one of the above two classifications. She is looking for communal garden spaces to share her colour palettes. Along side designing her genderless clothing brand, Maantha, she teaches spinning and knitting classes. She established the New Independent Spinners’ Society (NISS) to share the meditative art of spinning yarn with others to inspire a found form of independence within the NISS community.

Come along to learn how to spin your own yarns and express your own creativity through your clothes.

NOTE: Beginners are welcome to this class. The class is in English.

Spinning & knitting introduction workshop
Saturday July 13 or Sunday August 4
2.00 – 6.00 PM
Max. 8 people
Price: 90 euro, materials & tools included

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*More info about this soon. Drop-in sessions are meant to give you guidance when you need it on, for example, your knitting questions.
**With nice weather this workshop takes place in our garden outside!

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