One-day Workshop: Cork Leather Bag

26 January 2019

11:00 - 17:30

Van Der Hoopstraat 70HS, Amsterdam

169,95 euro

A lot of people have at least one leather bag in their wardrobe. Difficult to replace you would think if you don’t want to wear any animal products. With this workshop we offer an alternative for the cow leather bag. You will use cork leather to create your own bag. This design is made by artisan Jana Chocholackova and at the same time, she will be the teacher of this lesson. You can wear this bag two ways: on your back or on your arm. During the workshop it is also possible to personalize the bag by changing the color of the leather, us a different color strap or adding details like initials.

About Jana
Artisan Jana Chocholackova (originally from Slovakia) is educated as fashion designer (Rietveld). Since 2012 she started working in an authentic shoemaking place in Amsterdam. She is a daughter of a shoe making family. She is approaching craftsmanship as an alchemist by transforming materials and, with this, creating exciting products, like bags, shoes, belts, key chains etc. Her studio CHOCHO LA CKOVA is an independent atelier specialized in the design and production of high-end leather/non-leather products. Jana guides different one-day workshops in the making of accessories at De Steek. 

Jana’s workshop are always a lot of fun and she is really passionate about her work. She will give you a lot of options to personalize your piece. Alle materials are included. You also receive a vegan lunch and some coffee/tea and sweets during the workshop. You don’t have to have any experience for this workshop

One-day Workshop: Cork Leather Bag
Hosted by Jana Chocholackova
Saturday January 26
11.00 AM – 5.30 PM
169,95 euro (materials included)

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