Beginner Embroidery Workshop

9 November 2019

14:00 - 17:00

Van Der Hoopstraat 70HS, Amsterdam

55 euro

This is a 3-hour workshop in which you can learn the basics of embroidery. The workshop is guided by Italian embroidery artist Ermelinda Jaku.

In this workshop, Ermelinda (or called Linda) will teach you the (basic) stitches. When you know these basics stitches, in principle, it is possible to create everything! The workshop included all the materials and the embroidery hoop and needle. After the workshop you can bring those tools home, so you can continue embroidering there!

If there is time left after practicing the basic stitches (or if you feel yourself that you practiced enough), Ermelinda can show you how you can translate your own artwork into stitches. You can bring your own image or illustration to the workshop for this.

About Ermelinda
Ermelinda has an academic background in science, but her creative and curious attitude has always pushed her towards diverse interests across numerous domains. She’s got a multi-cultural identity, growing up in four different countries, which shaped the way she approaches life and sees art. The love of transforming materials, combining imagination and manual work, is what brought her to dedicate herself to the art of embroidery. Based on her own drawings, she produces personalised clothing items, that aim to promote creativity and enhance self-expression.

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Beginner Embroidery Workshop
Guidance by Ermelinda Jaku
Saturday November 9
2.00 – 5.00 PM
55 euro (materials included)
3-8 people
*This class is only in English and not in Dutch.
**With nice weather this workshop takes place in our garden.

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