New corona measures at De Steek!

Ohno! Corona is getting to us again! New measures are upon us. De Steek decided to continue with the lessons, but we are also taking new measures. Check it out here:
Measures for clients at De Steek:
> Mandatory to wear a face mask inside at the studio. You can remove the mask when you sit at your work table.
> Stay seated at your work table as much as possible. Staff of De Steek will bring you the tools that you need.
> Clean the machine, table and, if needed, tools that you used at the end of your lesson.
> Clean your desk already a few minutes before the end of your lesson, so it won’t be to crowded with the switch of classes.
> During evening classes, wait outside till a work table is available. We will let you know when it’s ready.
> Mandatory to disinfect your hands when you enter the studio.
> Keep 1,5 meter distance.
> Stay home when you have symptoms that can be related to the coronavirus. You can come back to redo the lesson when you feel better.
What is De Steek doing about it?
> Ventilating during and in between lessons. (wear warm clothes when you come, just in case)
> Cleaning points of contact and toilet during the day.
> We are reducing sizes of groups or work in time slots where possible. We also offering possibilities to continue online with some courses.
> If it doesn’t feel safe for you to come and continue because of whatever reason, it is possible to postpone your lessons to a later moment (we will freeze them until you’re ready again).
If you have any doubt about measures, your lessons or anything else, please contact us by phone or e-mail!
Last updated: September 29.

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